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In my opinion, Jessica’s project called ‘Kids for Kids’ is a great help to Rwandan orphans because goats offer them many products such as milk, butter, cheese, meat and so on. Because they live alone without any family, they are very lonely. In a case like this, goats can become a good family to them.

Maybe because of a long war, they have suffered from infectious diseases, so a free medical service project is necessary.

Jessica's project will help the Rwandan children and Rwanda's agriculture. Goats are the most useful livestock for stockbreeding. If all Rwandan children succeed in breeding their goats, they will get a good life and develop Rwanda's economy as the coffee project, PEARL. I think people have to make some educational project for the Rwandan children because they do even not know about how to breed goats. Therefore, people in other countries should teach them basic knowledge.

Jessica's project is a really good for helping orphan children in Rwanda. Goats are strong, eat less feed, and supply milk. I am really impressed because she is just a young girl who is helping Rwandan children and that makes me kind of ashamed. Besides the coffee and goat projects, I think that donating money will help Rwandan children. I am not asking for millions or billions of dollars. If each person sent only a dollar, it would definitely help Rwandan children.

I am extremely impressed by this article. Jessica Novak who helps the Rwanda children to buy kid goats is only a high school student. But she has a big dream and makes an effort to achieve this dream. Many people also know how terrible the Rwanda genocide was and know many children in Rwanda need people's help, but they don't do anything for the children, even though they are capable of helping them.

This project is very helpful for the Rwanda children because goats provide many things for children. So if children have goats, they don't worry about their hunger and living expenses. Besides children can make friends with goats.

I think free education is useful to the Rwanda children like the Rwanda project 'through the eyes of children.' For children, education is very important. Through free education they can find their dreams, new life and hope.

I think that Jessica’s idea is very novel. She knew correctly what it is Rwandan children need, and she invented the project Kids for Kids, Goats for Rwandan Children. It helps the children who are suffering from poverty because goats are very useful animals for them in many ways.

There are other ways help them; we can do other kinds of projects for them. I think that one way would be to build schools for them. For children, education is very important and it helps them to prepare their future. However, Rwanda lacks many schools now, so it really needs some. Therefore, I think that it is a good idea to build schools.

I feel really proud of Jessica and her wonderful project. When most people read or hear about Rwanda and Rwandans’ hard life, they might feel sorrow for Rwandans. Most of us just think about it and don’t do anything because thinking is easy and doing is difficult. However Jessica carried out her project. Even if she is just a young 16-year-old girl, she gave hope and helped Rwandan children.

I hope that I also can help Rwandan children, so I suggest a new project ‘Contact Eyes’. During the 1994 war in Rwanda, many children lost their family. Therefore, we should become their friends and family. They may need food, clothes, money, etc, but I think they also need love and want to talk with someone. For that reason I devised the project ‘Contact Eyes’. In this project we should each make contact with a Rwandan child, and then we should stay in contact with them by letters as they grow up. And also we can send special things that make they happy; for example, books, pencils, etc.

I hope that through this project we could learn to love each other and understand each other’s cultures.

What an excellent thought it is! The fact that the project was planned by a sixteen–year-old girl impressed me and I can understand why she chose goats by reading a couple of the articles.

Thinking about and planning for how I would help children in Rwanda who have lost their parents and have been struggling to survive, took me a long time, but finally, I come up with a way. I can raise money for the children. Most people including me have lots of clothes that they don’t wear because they are sick of their own clothes. However, the clothes could attract other people. Three years ago, I sold a few of my clothes in a flea market and realized I got more money than I expected.

So, I will collect these clothes and open a flea market. After raising money, I will consider how to use the money for Rwanda. I have to try not to just say something, but to do something, like Jessica Novak.

Jessica's project is very thoughtful. It allows children to survive and also not to get bored since they have a pet now. This pet becomes a part of their family then. Another project like taking care of plantations will really help those children to survive too. It'll help them to have an occupation and also to make friends.

I think that Jessica's project is a suitable solution for Rwandan children. There are many ways to help them, but all ways should help them to survive on their own. For this reason, the goats project can be a great solution. The goats can give some food and be a friend as the children and goats live together. Even though because of the genocide, the children live alone, this project can give hope to them.

Another project which can help them is an educational project. Some children have not been able to go to school even though the genocide is over. So a good education is necessary for them.

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