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In my opinion, the slaughter in Rwanda could have been prevented. General Romeo Dallaire warned several times of the 1994 systematic killing, but support forces were never sent. If some countries had listened to Dallaire's warning, many people could have been saved and they might not have lost their family.

In 1994, there was a civil war in Rwanda. At that time, Rwanda didn't have a powerful government, so they separated into two groups which were the Hutus and the Tutsis. They had fought each other such a long time that many people had been killed. Therefore, if Rwanda had had a powerful government, they would not have developed a civil war and many people would not have died.

If the western governments had sent more troops to Rwanda, they could have saved more people. However, they decided not to send because they did not want to intervene. A million people died with no reason because of one wrong decison.

If the western governments had listened to Dallaire, many lives could have been saved. Dallaire was really familiar with Rwanda, so the government could have listenned to him. Finally, many people died because of their indifference.

In my opinion, the slaughter in Rwanda could have been prevented. If Dallaire's warnings had been accepted by the western governments, they could have helped a lot of Rwandans, and the genocide could have been settled.

If the U.N. had helped Rwanda during the genocide, they could have prevented slaughter. During the genocide, about 800,000 people were murdered and many people died of poverty. Therefore, a million people died in Rwanda. It was a really huge trouble to their country.

Absolutely. Problems such as genocide are hard for people to solve through their own efforts. In the case of the Rwandans, the Hutus were too strong so the Tutsis couldn’t prevent it. If the U.N. had listened to Dallaire, he could have helped the Rwandans, and many victims could have survived.

If Americans had not been interested in saving money, they could have intervened and saved many lives. Because the genocide happened between people of the same race, Rwandans could not control themselves. However, many other countries turned their face away from this crucial incident.

Many people in Rwanda were killed because of many countries' apathy. The French could have saved more lives. And if other countries had intervened, the slaughter in Rwanda could have been prevented.

No question, the world could have stopped 1994. Dallaire is considered a hero by many Rwandans even though the world refused to listen. Why does death mean so little to us when it happens in Africa? Basic humanity was forgotten during the genocide and the world later said 'Never again'.. Then Darfur... And what are we, the west, doing? Nothing. Like in Rwanda, we are closing our eyes and turing our backs. It makes me ashamed to be British!

once about visiting the death camps in Germany and Poland ..sometimes we have to force osrvelues to feel the haunting pain of those who have gone before us so we can continue the fight to ensure it never happens again. I am keeping you, Chad and the boys in my thoughts and prayers as are friends in my parish prayer chain. I so admire your courage and sense of adventure. Blessings to all. Mary Margaret

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