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Like any other children in African tribes, at least those I have seen in photos before, they seems poor and look happy with just small things which can't make children in urban areas happy. And there life reminds me our country's past way of living style.

Through the Eyes of Children" is an absolutely effective project to help Rwanda's children, and it made me feel compassion for Rwanda's them. I know how wretched the life of Rwanda's children is, and I think that I should help them.

Many of the pictures taken by Dusingizimana impress me because the life of handicapped people is clearly pictured. I feel respect for David Jiranek, who conceived the picture project and realize that there are various ways to help people in Rwanda.

In my opinion, this project is very useful for orphans. It convinces them that their life is worth living, and gives them hope for a better future. After I read the description, I realized what a happy life I'm living, and I give thanks to my parents.

I think this is a very good idea. As we can read on the web site, through this project children can explore their community and find beauty. So I think it give the children hope and dreams. Although we can also see the very hard and poor life of Rwandas in the picture, I also saw smile of children. I look for -- little by little-- better future for Rwanda.

I think this photo project gives dreams to children. I think the world through a camera (lens) is very attractive and beautiful, so I love it too. Because of this project children can see another world and also can find enjoyment in their life.

This photo project is really good and very helpful for the reconstruction of Rwanda. It helps children to spread their knowledge. It also helps them to learn to live in community and also to earn some money by selling some of their pictures. This project is really important for those children because it educates them and teaches Tutsis and Hutus not to hate each other.

Photo project was unplanned. Rwanda children just began to take pictures and people become interested and thought about how they could help children with these pictures, so they made this project. I saw the hope of the children that they are not abandoned in their situations. They are trying to live cheerfully. This project could have the possibility of making good future photographers and will give hope to children.

This photo project is very useful and helpful for rebuilding Rwanda. Many people do not know about the Rwanda genocide so they can't help the Rwandan children. Also this photographer describes the very awful and poor situation in Rwanda. I think many people were impressed after they saw these pictures. Many people like movies, but I think through the lens the world is more beautiful than in movie images.

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