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I think it is very uncomfortable as everyone else can guess, because there are not enough necessities that human beings have to have and not enough medical aid to fight the many kinds of diseases we can get if we consider many kinds of diseases that we can get. One of the biggest matters is the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has infected 10% of its population. A few days ago, BBC predicted that HIV/AIDS will kill many millions of people in America within 20 years. It could be the biggest problem which Rwandan society faces.

If I lived in Rwanda today, I would want to move to another country because there are many social problems, such as trauma, irregular families, and weak government. They have to find some solutions to solve the problems.

The genocide that happened in Rwanda in 1994 is a big deal. Ten years may not be enough time for Rwandans to deal with what happened. There are offenders, and there are many orphans and widows who hope for justice. However, Mr.Habimana said that It is a priority to consider the genocide by and large.

I think Rwanda is a small but beautiful land, but many people have misunderstandings about Rwanda. The biggest misunderstanding about the Rwandan people is that they are killers. It makes me feel sorry for them.

I thought Rwanda was just a desolated place due to the genocide in 1994. However, I realized that Rwanda is actually a very beautiful place. I think I would not feel comfortable living in Rwanda due to the fact that there had been genocide just 10 years before. People are still suffering because of the genocide in 1994. It makes me sad that the Rwandans cannot live peacefully in their land.

The genocide in Rwanda took place in 1994. 10 years have already passed, but there has not been enough time for the hurt of the genocide to heal. It still remains. Many Rwandans are still suffering because of the genocide. I think that now Rwandans need to actively try to heal their hurts. Even now they don't understand about the genocide, and they don't know what they should do. I suggest that they first of all understand their problems. One way is having conversations with each other. I hope that Rwandans live peacefully.

10 years already passed since genocide happend in Rwanda however, Rwanda still have lots of problems.Like as the aftermath of genocide. Many children lose their parents in the genocide and many people still suffer from mental anguish.
I think many other people misunderstanding about Rwanda. Actually Rwanda is a very beutiful and peaceful country.If we are more concerned about them and help them, they can solve these problems and can find a hope, new life.

I think it is time for reconciliation in Rwanda. Ten years have passed, but they still have victims from genocide. For example, many Rwandans suffer anguish. Genocide is a very horrific experience. Also, many Rwandan children lost their parents, so Rwanda has many orphans. I hope the Rwandan government fixes this problem as soon as possible. Rwanda is not a horrible country. Their mother nature is huge and beautiful, so if the government fixes small problems, they should have a good country.

A healed Rwanda is a long way off, yet reconciliation, forgiveness and amazing strength and courage are rebuilding a broken nation. We could learn a lot from the Rwandan people.

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