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Rwanda has various kinds of wild animals, which makes me want to visit that natural zoo. On the other hand, there are also many problems related to disease and poverty.

I only thought that Rwanda is a place where many people were killed. I had some misunderstandings about Rwanda, but I see things differently now after seeing the video. Rwanda has changed in many ways. This video clip and article made me realize how it has changed.

Although I am learning about Rwanda, it is actually hard to feel the situation. I recognize that when I am doing assignments, people in another place are being killed by an HIV/AIDS epidemic.

When I read the article and watched video clip, I felt very sad, especially when one student said that actually the Hutu and Tutsi have no difference. They have the same history, language, culture, and custom. However, some Hutus thought that Tutsis were not their friend, family and were not the same people. This is really a tragedy. Also, these days , they have been suffering from epidemics. I would like to help them, and I hope many people and countries are concerned about Rwanda.

I saw the webumentary 'Take a drive in Rwanda's countryside' and 'Images & Sounds from Rwanda'. Before I thought Rwanda is a very dirty and dark country, but after I watched the video my thought was changed.

Actually Rwanda is a very beautiful country full of animals, flowers, forests and so on.. I love the nature of Rwanda.

Before I learned about Rwanda here, I had never heard about it. Thanks to taking lessons, I could have a chance to know about Rwanda. After I read the article and watched the video clip, it made me feel sorry. Now Rwandan people persevere in their efforts to change, but they have some problems such an infectious disease and poverty. If these problems are solved, Rwanda will have easier circumstances.

Before I watched the video and read articles about the genocide, I thought Rwanda was very a horrific place or savage people’s country. However, they have education systems and a good society. Rwandan children go to school and they study more than three languages. In general, people help each others and take care about their neighbors. Rwanda has lots of huge mountains and good environment. Rwanda’s nature is very beautiful and extensive.

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