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The war in Rwanda did not last as long as the war in Darfur, which hasn't ended yet. Also not as many people have been killed in Darfur as in Rwanda so far.The war in Darfur is genocide even if the authorities say it is not.They acted the same way during the war in Rwanda.They should react before things get worse.

The Sudanese government supports the Janjaweed militia and it fights with the army of liberation of Sudan in Darfur, but the Janjaweed militia is cruel, so the U.N. and the other countries are cooperating and have warned the Janjaweed don't remove their army, they will use economical and political power. Genocide is clearly happening there and the U.N. should intervene. If they don't, the defenseless citizens will be sacrificed over and over.

I think Darfur will be another Rwanda. There are visible sign of genocide in Darfur. If we don't want another genocide, the U.N. should intervene. So, the genocide must be stopped even if it requires force.

I think that the UN and the western governments should intervene because the situations in Darfur and Rwanda are similar. If they are bystanders again, genocides will not be stopped. And I hope people fighting each other stop fighting and pray they believe in God.

I think Darfur is another Rwanda because the two situations have a lot in common with each other. The origin of genocide in both countries is ethnic conflict. What is going on in Darfur is genocide, so U.N. forces should intervene. This event is not just a problem of Darfur, but a problem of the whole world.

I think Darfur is another Rwanda. Of course in Darfur, they are not targeting ethnic group like in Rwanda, but these are also crimes against humanity. The most important thing is that now the Darfur people are suffering, so we must help them. If the U.N and the other country don't intervene, it will be another tragedy like Rwanda.

I think the situation in Darfur is genocide. Uncountable innocent people were killed in Darfur. It is very terrible. Even the Darfur government said it's just crime, but U.N must reconsider and intervene for prevent more sacrifice.

Darfur’s case is not serious problem to other countries yet, but it will become really a serious problem like the Rwandan genocide. In Darfur not as people have been died as in Rwandan, but many more people might die. Therefore, the United Nations’ forces have to intervene in Sudan. Whether, Darfur’s case is genocide or war, the U.N. has to help them just in case.

I think the situation in Darfur is another Rwanda. Many people have gotten killed and people are still dying. Not as many people have been murdered in Darfur yet as in the Rwanda genocide, but there will be more victims if the U.N. does not intervene, just as it did not intervene in Rwanda. The U.N. should intervene before the situation in Darfur becomes another Rwanda.

Of course, the UN should intervene before the genocide becomes any worse. However, the question is what degree of intervention should the UN use?

Would military intervention work if the Sudanese government supports the Janjaweed militia? It would lead to more deaths, and an increased killing if this was to occur.

NATO intervention has not brought peace to Afghanistan, nor has U.S. intervention brought peace to Iraq. The solution for Darfur requires the same international effort that brought a peace agreement to end Sudan’s North-South civil war. The peace talks have moved slowly, but appear to be on the brink of an agreement to resolve the crisis.

The international community should be encouraging a comprehensive peace agreement, a peacekeeping force and a huge increase in humanitarian aid, not an ineffective military style of intervention

Ending the war on Iraq would free up billions of dollars for humanitarian aid in Darfur. What is needed is real humanitarian assistance to Africa and the Middle East, not U.S. or NATO armies.

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