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What I saw in the movie ‘Hotel Rwanda’ was very shocking. I didn’t know what genocide was before seeing this movie. Also I had never seen this genre of movie before. It showed the bodies of a lot of people who were killed in Rwanda. It was very cruel genocide. I couldn’t believe it was a true story.

Fortunately, the end of the movie had a happy ending for the main characters, but the movie shows how horrible genocide is. It helped me understand what happened in Rwanda. I feel genocide must be stopped. We need to stop the killing and work for peace.

This movie is the most shocking that I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe that 'Rwanda Hotel' is based on a true story. Rwanda’s Hutu extremists slaughtered their Tutsi people and any moderate Hutus. I think it was cruel to do such a thing.

As a human beings, how could they commit such a cold-blooded act? It is difficult to understand their thinking. I was touched with pity for the people who were killed for no reason.

The hero, named Paul, was such a brave person. I’d like to pay Paul a compliment. I was impressed by his bravery. He could have been killed while he was saving so many people.

This movie is very important because it advises what we have to do hereafter and offers a chance to think about genocide. We have to persevere in our efforts to prevent genocide.

This excellent movie is about a terrible civil war that took place in Rwanda in Africa in 1994 between the Hutus and the Tutsis tribes. Paul Rusesabagina, the main actor, was the manager of a high-class hotel named "mille collines" that became a kind of refugee camp for the Tutsis who were pursued and slaughtered by the Hutus.

Thanks to his kindness and his courage, the Hutu Paul Rusesabagina, whose wife was a Tutsi, couldn't not help the people that were seeking protection. He saved the life of a thousand people in spite of the UN didn't intervene.

One million people died during this war. Can you imagine? One million? This is atrocious and unbelievable. In my opinion many people would have been saved if the entire world had not been so indifferent to the Rwanda crisis.

Deciding not to intervene is easier than deciding to intervene because courage and self-sacrifice are needed. Many people think that intervening is not one's obligation and close their eyes.

Paul Rusesabagina, however, decided to save people from being slaughtered in a terrifying genocide because of an inner voice that told him that he should save their lives. The film "Hotel Rwanda" calls to mind that we must not stand by silently, rather we should intervene with courage.

I was really looking forward to watching the movie Hotel Rwanda because I heard that it was nominated for many awards, including an academy award. It made a deep impression on me and had a strong message for viewers.

This movie is story of genocide in Rwanda. A tragic affair was made a more serious by unconcern of another.

I also didn't have much interest that country until I watched this movie because I think that it does not affect my life. Especially not an African country! But now I can look at it with a different point of view.

I do not want to ignore the problem of that country any more. This kind of thinking caused a tragic genocide. I wish that we would all think that the world is one. Then all people would live more happily and peacefully, like in Micheal Jackson's song 'Heal the World.' I hope that we’ll make a better place.

I watched another genocide movie before, which are Killing field and Shuindrin list. Those are very good movies, so I expected movie Hotel Rwanda. Before I go to movie, I read short summary about that movie.

Rwanda government's soldier made pull off coup, so soldiers killed many opposite side people of their country. Paul Rsesabagina is one of the opposite member of Rwanda. He was manager of Hotel Rwanda and he tried protect his lovely family and his guests.

All foreigner guests ran away from Rwanda by United Nation, but U.N. did not help Rwanda people. Therefore, Hotel Rwanda became refuge of Rwanda people and Paul tried save refugees. In the end, he saved some people.

Genocide is most worst thing in this world. That horrific thing broke up by one or two different persons' benefit. This is crazy thing and illegal thing to human.

In present day, Sudanese government and many African countries still have genocide. Whoever people will broke war or doing genocide, they have to think about Bible and every religion's saying.

In the movie "Hotel Rwanda", the message was that happen in Rwanda, but not many nations wanted to intervene even though they need to help them.

The movie "Hotel Rwanda" is about a disaster. Many people were slaughtered. That movie is a gut-wrenching one and can give may lessons to people. Personnaly, it taugh me not to neglect things and to intervene as soon as i get the chance before things get worse.

The movie is a shocking, surprising and true story. By the story of an individual person named Paul who knew what happened to Rwanda people in that genocide, we could know that the genocide in Rwanda was a really terrible incident. However, the international community didn’t intervene. Through watching this movie, we learned that we should do something what we could do when some horrible incidents occurred. We shouldn’t have been bystanders to genocide in Rwanda and should never just watch any other genocide which is happening.

The movie, Hotel Rwanda, reminded me that it could also happen in my country, Korea, even between people of the same race because we have been divided for a long time. So, I think we should be united as soon as possible.

I felt fear when I saw the movie " Hotel Rwanda" and realized how bad genicide is. The movie " Hotel Rwanda" has the message that genocide must stop because it is important to live peacefully together.

Hotel Rwanda is the most shocking movie I have seen. Before I saw that, I didn't know how horrible genocide is! The message of Hotel Rwanda is that genocide is very dreadful so it must be stopped. Also if genocide happens again in one country, other countries should intervene and help it.

I heard that the cause of the genocide in Rwanda was the split of a tribe. This movie shows how innocent people were tortured, raped, and pillaged. I was shocked by the cruelty shown in the movie. The scene where the main actor gets out of the car and steps on dead bodies is especially terrible. I hope genocide never happens again.

When I watched this movie, I was shocked and felt sorry for uncountable poeple killed for no reason. After I watched the movie, I thought we must be more concerned about this country and genocide must never happen again.

My 6th grade class is writing letters to people wih power & hopefully make something change!

Oh, there has been international outcries after seeing the aftermath of Rwanda. The genocide laid bare the full consequences of when intervention did not take place. What is really sad is that the expectations that the United Nations would help were undermined. General Klaus Naumann says that "It was indeed a failure of international will and civic courage." It implies that, for all the great deal about the universal law of human rights, "some lives end up mattering a great deal less to the international community than others." =[

Genocides still happen all around the world.

It isn't just a result of poverty. Think about the Holocaust in Germany, a country that was not poor at all. We still see genocides happening today. After Rwanda, we promised ourselves it would never happen again. But look at the situation in Darfur and Kosovo, where there are still ethnic tensions.

International intervention is not easy. Using the military could in some cases prolong the conflict. (War in Iraq) Peacekeeping in other cases could be ineffective in preventing genocide. (Rwanda) Humanitarian aid can only increase the tolerance for a while (Africa)
But it is better for intervention to take place, rather than have no one do nothing at all about it.

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The message to remember about the hotel rwanda is how much things have changed. That one man managed to save over 1700 African people, but made a lot of sacrafices to do that. He almost had to give up his family. He seen a lot of scary things, but it worked. He managed to do it. He kept them in the hotel, but when the hotel was found he managed to get them all rescued.

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