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March 18, 2005


Dr. Phil's plan is to protect students against bullying in school by trying to get parents, teachers and victims to talk about bullying problems. I think Dr. Phil's plan is not good for victims because bullies are normally gutless and malicious people.  He advises victims to talk to the bullies individually, but I think that is a bad idea because most bullies will not listen to them. Therefore, the victims have to find solutions for this bullying question by themselves. 

In my middle school years in Korea, my friend Jo was a victim of bullying.  Everyday, bullies hurt him physically. Then they took his money. However, Jo went through unspeakable hardships with bullies. Then he learned martial arts. Two years later, he beat the bullies and became leader of our school. If victim stand up to bullies, they will leave him alone.  My suggestion to Katie is to show them she is not weak.

I'm for his opinion. The reason why some students bully Katie is that they think she won't do anything. Also, they may feel intense jealousy toward her. I think victims like Katie should gain more confidence, take more part in school activities, and make more friends.

Dr. Phil wants to stamp out bullying I think Dr. Phil's advice is pertinent because he refers to the solution, in which the victims, teachers and parents have advice respectively.

It indicates what they have to do well. I'd like to send a message to Katie, as follows: She should not lose her nerve in front of bullies, and she is not responsible for bullying. She had better follow Dr. Phil's advice to express her pain.

I think Dr. Phil's idea about signing a pledge can make motivate people to think about bullying, so it by signing a pledge children may learn that bullying is a bad thing and realize they shouldn't do it.
Bullying is an absolutely bad thing to do, so you don't need to suffer and hate yourself. Try to tell bullies what the problem is, and then they might reply reasonably. You should bravely tell them to stop bullying.
Cheer up Katie!!

Studies have shown that children as young as pre-school exhibit bullying tendencies. The younger we can reach children and help them understand that "being bullied is never your fault. You have done nothing wrong and don't deserve to be bullied", the better. The younger we can reach potential bullies and teach them "empathy" and "compassion", teach them to take responsibility for their actions, we may prevent future acts of bullying. If by singing a pledge the children feel obligated to honor their word and not bully, perhaps we will be helping to raise a more conscientious citizenry of the world.

Dr. Phil said that being bullied was not Katie's fault. It is a mistake of everyone who knows her not to be concerned about her. So, he told her she didn't have to feel guilty.

He said if she wanted to escape she should talk with the bullies individually. In his opinion, the school has to be concerned about their children and prevent bully situations and, make bullies feel guilty as teachers look after their children in school.

I think that Dr. phil's plan is good. In my experience, bullying has always been seen as a problem that was only between the bullies and the victim. Other students don't want to intervene in that situation.

As a result, bullying situations have always been tolerated. I agree with Dr. Phil's idea that this is not just a problem between bullies and victims, but also a problem of all members of society. Especially, it is a good idea to get people to acknowledge that whether or not they are a bully or see someone else bullied and don't report it, they are just as guilty.

I would like to talk to Katie. I'd like to send her this message.

"Don't try to solve bullying by yourself. Ask your classmates for help."

Dr. Phil's program is valuable. The reason why I think the program is very important is Dr. Phil is teaching students, young students, and their parents and teachers how to make schools bully-free.

The most interesting thing is the Anti-bullying Pledge. I don't know how it works and I am not sure Americans will keep pledge? I know much American middle and high school students make pledges, will they remember and keep all of pledges they make? If the pledges works, I will say that Dr. Phil's job is very great!

What I am telling Katie is that you should fight with the leader of those bullies. Maybe you will get pain of body, but you will be very strong in mind, your own mind and those bullies' mind. I don't support any violence but sometimes fighting bravely can let others know you are not a coward.

Actually, the biggest problem of schools is bullying. Personalities like Dr Phil are what those schools need. In fact, he is against bullying and does his best to stop it by organizing programs about anti-bullying and advising people. He is very helpful and anybody else who has the possibility should do the same thing. If I had a chance to talk to Katie, the only advice i would give her would be to ignore the bullies because bullies keep bllying only if they feel the victims get upset.

I'm impressed with the knowledge of the cause and impact of bullying. A person's size and self image do contribute to being a victim. Gaining self confidence and knowledge of how to prevent will empower victims to fight back.


I think it is good that Dr. Phil is giving some specific action steps to students, parents and teachers. The Anti-Bullying Pledge is interesting to me, too. Saying words as a pledge can make you really think about it. I like reading your thoughts about it.

I'm not sure I would tell Katie to fight with the leader of the bullies. Sometimes it takes more courage to stand tall and refuse to fight. Would you agree?

I agree with Dr. Phil's idea that some students become victims because they do not protest when the bullies harass them. Everybody needs to take the bullying problem more seriously because it is becoming a common problem. Katie needs to stand up to the bullies. If she can not resist the bullies by herself, she must tell her parents or teachers about her situation so she can escape from the bullying situation before it gets a worse.

Dr Phil's opinion is the way of the stop bullying. To stop bulliyng, not only bullies and victims but also other people have to make an effort. victims have to against bullies and bystanders have to intervene bullying incidents, report to teacher. Teachers and parents should be more concerned with bullying. And I want to say to katie " Be brave"

Hi, Anne,

Yes, I agree with you and I actually do not support violence of victims. Standing tall and refusing to fight might be good ways to avoid bullying. Sometimes, however, bullies will not let you go even though you show them you are serious and you don't want to fight.

Therefore, I suggest Katie only fight with the leader of the bullies. Actually, I don't suggest Katie be violent, but she has to show that she is not afraid to fight and she just doesn't want to fight. If the bullies understand she will counter them if she is angry, they will not bother her again.

I was extremely impressed by Dr. Phil's show about bullying! The guests were very loving children and I wonder what I can do to help them? I too was bullied but not to the extent that kids go to today. It' utterly ridiculous that parents approve what their children say and do and pass it off as freedom of speech, that is so wrong! When you threated someone or harrass them its not a freedom its a unlawful act. Dr. Phil you keep up the good work and to all of you who are being bullied walk on and hold your head up there is so much out there that you can accomplish and don't let the petty games get to you...

Dr. Phil thinks he knows a way to stop bullying. To stop bullying, he thinks not only bullies and victims have to make an effort, but also other people have to make an effort. Victims have to stand up against bullies, and bystanders have to intervene in bullying incidents and report them to teachers. Teachers and parents should be more concerned about bullying. And I want to say to Katie, "Be brave."

Schools must have psychologists that talk with the students and security such as cameras around the school. Parents should know their children's friends and teach their children to respect all people.

I think those bullies are just perverted. They enjoy bullying people.

I agree with most of the comments made regarding Katie. Some children are more prone to bullying than others and these children need to have immediate tools that they can use to protect themselves. I came across a fantastic resource when researching this, it is two books that give children immediate techniques they can use when they are being bullied. Not just that, it is also a confidence booster for children that aren't being bullied. Its at www.empowermentfoundation.co.uk

No way! A child should never be punished for protecting himself. If a child is being bullied, they're told that they should tell someone (i.e. a teacher, a friend, a counselor), but if the person they tell doesn't do anything or if something isn't being done quick enough, they may have no choice but to defend themselves if that situation arises. If it was my child, I would tell them to fight back and them buy them an ice cream for sticking up for his or herself. Life is hard and kids need to learn how to protect themselves, they can't always back down from a fight and take the hit. You should be proud of your son Stanly T.

Hello, This is a really great site for any parent who wants to know what to do about bullying. It is so much harder for young children to deal with bullying as it can come from so many more places now. When I was young we had no twitter or facebook or even email. I was able to switch off from school. Not anymore and it's 24 hours a day. Thanks for offering this wonderful resource.

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