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March 23, 2005


Hello Andy! Thanks for your answer. Through your answer, I realized that the bullies should be responsible for their actions. So I think we should be concerned about the bullies constantly and help them reflect on their conduct. I'm going to visit your website again and look forward to meeting you there. Bye.

Hi, Andy! I am very surprised that students who are very popular are now getting bullied. When I was a middle school student, students who were different were bullied and the classmates who were very popular were liked by everyone. So, it shocked me to learn this. Thank you, Andy!

Hi, Andy Tomko,
Thanks for participating and being interested in our blogs. Yes, I read about Dr. Dan Olweos' plan to prevent bullying when I wrote my paper on bullying victims who committed suicide. It is a great plan because it involves teachers and other school officials, students in the class, and other adults. It helps in a bullying situation to communicate together, set up rules against bullying, and students must know that every time they break the rules, they get punished. I hope you keep working on bullying and are successful in the future.

I'm very happy to have chance to talk with you. I agree with and am interested in your opinions. Especially, I support that we need to empower our youth with dreams of grandeur. It is very important thing not only to children but also to adults.

Thank you for the reply, Andy! I really agree with your idea. Last weekend, I watched the movie "Walk to Remember." In the movie, there were a few bullying incidents. The reason why one high school girl was bullied was that she was a little different from the bullies; she always wore the same clothes and read books. However, as one of the bullies got to know her, he realized she was more diverse than him; he even fell in love with her and he changed. So, as we teach students about mankind's diversity and give them chances to talk to each other, bullying could end.

Thank you for your answer. I don't consider bullying terrorism. I do not think it is as serious as 9-11 or other terrorists' acts. I hope adults help teenagers to solve the bullying problem because this is not just a teenage problem. It is our society's problem, so I think people have to be concerned about that.

Hi, Andy

Thank you for replying to my questions! You are right! We can prevent school bullying if we get involved in the lives of both bullies and victims.

I think the best way is to try to be friends of victims and bullies to prevent this problem. We need to talk with them and exchange ideas with them to start solving the problem.

Hi Andy
My name is ....I go to ...... secondary school and I am one of the students there who gets bullied. I hate it. I think there should be a law about harrassment and mean stuff like that. I just got bullied so bad I don't want to go back to school. What do I do?

I'm 13 and I get bullied every day. Life is unfair and I can't do anything about it. I've already told ChildLine, parents, and teachers about it, but they just make it worse. But anyone who bullies doesn't have anything good ahead of him!

It's great that some people in this world are trying to be better people. There quite a few people in my school who are bullies. I think I am too, but I'm not sure. I mean me and my frends have a laugh and all and we make a few snide comments about each other as a joke. Though I've started to notice how I kinda boss my frends around a bit and stuff and I hate it. I don't intentionly do it. It just happens. I used to have problems with bullying when I was little. Back then I used to hurt other people weaker than me, unwantedly turning into a bully myself. I realize that now, but back then I thought it was the in thing. I think this is why I'm so tough on my friends, but I'm not sure. I need some advice. I tried talking to my friends, but they are so not helpful. I'm really glad you turned over a new leaf. I hope I can do the same.
Thanks a bunch! take care =]

My son started mlidde school this year and is a little smaller than some of the other boys. He's been picked on and we've gone to the school about some of these problems. Our son is a good kid and keeps asking us if he stands up for himself and gets in trouble if we would be mad. We keep telling him that absolutely stand up for himself and if he gets suspended we don't care. A few days being suspended is worth a lifetime of self confidence and self respect.He also takes a karate class and that helps his self esteem.

I am sorry you had to go through it. It's such a tough thing for kids when they are so young.

Bullies do exist there. You have to stand up for yourself. If you have no other way out, then you fight and don't quit.

His son did the right thing Now I don't agree with his son being kicked out of sochol I would have him do some extra credit sochol work. I would never kick him out of sochol. It sent a message to the bully that he got his way.

That is not fair at all! I'm only 10 and iI always get bullied but the other person never gets in trouble! My parents always tell me, if someone is bullying you, defend yourself! The girl that bullies me has ..., so everyone doesn't think it matters at all, but she always embarrasses me in front of everyone, and right now, i have no REAL friends because of her!

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