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February 07, 2005


I got bullied at school. It was really horrible. I didn't like it at all. It is hard to stop it and if you walk away from it, they chase after you. My friends try to help me but I don't let them. It is hard not to control bullying.

I'll give u a bit of advice-- tell tell tell

I'm bullied...I don't want to go back to school!

Bullying can be defeated. Take a step, be confident, make a change! :D

I know what is liked to be bullied. In 5th grade I had my head and clothes flushed in the toilet a lot. I was shoved around while the class cheered.

Many bullies either follow you or pick on you. I have had that before. Just try to walk away or seek help.

Bystanders spend 53 per cent of the time passively watching and 22 per cent of the time helping the bully.

When peers intervene, 57 per cent of the time bullying stops within 10 seconds.

Makes you wonder how much easier it would be to deal with bullying if we all just stepped up.

I know how it feels to be bullied and it's not very nice! Someone said something up a bit saying that if you don't like being bullied then be a bully back! That is not right at all that just makes you as bad as the person bullying you!!!

Once when I was a teenager, a group of girls tried to bully me. When the classes ended, they followed me. I was distressed because they wanted to hit me, but I ran fast and got away.

In my view, bullying is bad for a victim's health. A person who is being bullied needs help because these problems can cause serious emotional harm.

I think that bullying is very common everywhere. In schools and also in workplaces, people in authority sometimes abuse workers or students.

Where I work, there was a problem with bullying. A manager was bullying an employee who became very uncomfortable working in the company. The manager always verbally abused her and all her co-workers told her to report it. That problem ended when the manager quit.

Bullying by teachers can be a problem for students, too. When I was a student in the university one semester, I was bullied by one of my teachers who always picked on me and harassed me. Finally that semester ended and after that I did not have a problem.

School bullying is a bad problem, but sometimes the bully is not another student. When I was an elementary school student, I saw an older person take money from the children when they left the school. If they didn't give him the money he pushed them.

A bully harasses victims in a lot of different ways, for example by hitting or punching them, pulling their hair, and threatening them.

Life at school is not easy for some children because there are many bullies who might abuse them. When I was a child, children at school hit me because I was short. I didn't tell my mother because I was scared.

I think it is very important to teach our children to respect other children. Some bullies are victims in their own home and are being abused, and they do the same thing to other children.

How does bullying affect victims? The victims can feel frustrated when bullies menace them. Bullies try to dominate victims in order to feel important themselves. The victims should speak confidentially with a trusted person. They need to ask for help in order to be secure.

I have been badly bullied before and I don't like it a bit. Bullies are mean. I have often wanted to skip school so that I can avoid those bullies. Those bullies appeared awfully nice towards me at first, but after a short period of time, they changed totally. They started to treat me awfully bad. I hate it. They are still bullying me, but I trust one day, they will get back their equal retribution.

Bullies don't understand the pain they are causing because of what they say. It is NOT RIGHT for them to make people suffer.

Bullying is a crime against basic human dignity and equivalent to emotional murder in the eyes of God. Back in the 60's when I was subjected to it on a daily basis, kids had NO rights to a safe learning environment, and NO right to respect as human beings. Whenever you complained, YOU were blamed for being bullied by the teachers.

Excellent Blog, have bookmarked it. Keep up the good work.

No, I haven't been bullied....yet it is one of my biggest concerns for other people. -Bullying is harassment done verbally or physically. Yes this is coming from an 11 year old little girl (which is why my spelling is horrible.) It hurts to see this going on all around us....and it's all over the world! I feel really bad for all those who have been bullied....and especially for those who have killed themselves because there was no other way out. Then again....the bully maybe going through a tough time and taking it out on someone else....people, use your WITS! W- walk away I- ignore T- talk to someone S- seek help right away! This may not be much....yet I'm still trying my best to help prevent this situation. I know people who have been bullied...and I cant explain how disgusted I feel.

I think the victums feel like they have no place in the world and that they are bullied for reasons they can't find. My school is trying to stop bullying and so far it is working out well. I just hope it stays that way.

The company I work for, SchoolTipline, provides an anonymous reporting service for students to call in and report bullying. It is amazing the reports we get and what kids are doing to bully others these days. We work to help prevent all types of bullying.

Check out the new book The Fat Boy Chronicles. It has been made into a movie too. The novel, inspired by a real kid, gives a realistic view of high school life through the journal of a bullied and obese 9th grader named Jimmy Winterpock. Check out the movie trailer at The authors speak to schools and have raised awareness about how kids treat other kids. The issue of obesity is the underlying cause of so much of the bullying that takes place. So, along with making a kid unhealthy, being overweight also makes them a target for bullies. The book is great and helps bullied kids realize they are not alone and that they should have hope.

Bullying is something like physical, verbal harassment to one person. I experienced bullied when I was in grade school.

Hi, I just came across your site and am wondering if you'd like to post a link for a book I've written about Arlo, an armadillo that gets bullied. It's a picture book/early reader, published by Sterling, and is geared toward ages pre-K through 3rd grade. When Arlo has to rely on his special armadillo wits and talents (ie. digging and rolling up in his ball), he is a great model for kids. You can see the book on my website: , or at:

You are so right. Bullying is a serious problem. My mom and I were just talking the other day about a student that was bullied in her class and that was in the 60's. I'm sure it has been around for a lot longer than that. I appreciate you writing this blog, you are helping individuals come together and trying to stop bullying for good. Great Job :)

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