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February 07, 2005


I'm totally sure that you are right some day I see a victim of bullying and it's not very funny to see. I don't know what's the problem of the bully but it's not funny.

School bullying is nothing new and was once considered a character-building rite of passage for our children, but now it is seen for what it is--a form of victimization and abuse. As a children's author, I do a lot of school visits and invariably the students and I end up talking about their bullying experiences. Bullying is by no means harmless and it can leave lasting psychological scars.

It's about time that someone's taking a stand against bullying, and the person above me is right, it can be defeated. We just have to make all children understand the golden rule. If we teach them to treat others the way that they want to be treated then bullying wouldn't be an issue... problem solved!

Bullying takes so many forms, physical, emotional, verbal, situational, and occurs so often that it's hard to think that it can somehow be stopped. Children need to understand that it isn't their fault they are being bullied. Usually bullies have problems themselves and use bullying as a type of outlet. If we can help children feel confident, assertive and help them establish high self esteem and understanding, I think that's a step in the right direction.

I just attended a workshop on cyberbullying and sexting at the National Association of School Nurses Conference in Chicago.

I am in my 60's and kids have been bullied as long as I can remember, but things are different today. There is no getting away from bullying when kids can be reached via cell phones and computers.

We as educators need to do a better job in finding a way to teach kids how to deal with bullies, and keep others from bullying. I don't have the answers, but hopefully we'll figure it out soon.

I recently developed an anti bully program and website to help primary school children tackle bullying at school.

My website has tons of free resources one of which is an animated 16 page book giving tips on how to prevent bullying.

Once at my website just click on the boy with the red X on him in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to access the book.


Hi everyone! I am a social work graduate student at Rutgers University and recently created a cause page on facebook to promote awareness about school violence. you can access the page at The page has links to resources for schools, parents and students as well as facts about bullying. Please join my cause and help support my efforts to advocate against school violence.

Schools don’t do jack about bullying. I’m a 30 year old woman and had to put up with bullying from the time I was in 4th grade all the way through the rest of school. I was threatened with physical/sexual violence, pushed around, slapped, called names and even had school projects sabotaged.

My parents would be at school all the time trying to get the bullying stopped, and this was in the 90’s. The school counselors were a joke. Nothing was ever done, but I was always told to tell an adult when it happened. I would come home with lists of things sometimes two or three sheets long.

My dad’s reaction after it went on for years and years?

“Well, YOU must have done something to make them come after you.”

That made me stop reporting the issue because somehow it was my fault and complaining never did any good anyway. I went through school hating every ounce of myself and feeling like I had no self worth. I thought about and still think about suicide from time to time because I’m unable to work.

I have no self esteem and the sensory issues I have make holding a job impossible.... I have problems with anxiety that I don’t talk about because to this day I still believe my feelings aren’t important enough to mention.

Right now I’m being cyber bullied by people from a cruel website I won’t name because that will just give them more ammunition to harass me. They will probably find this and use it against me. And once again nothing I have done has stopped these people from harassing me.

They had my best pieces of fanworks removed from sites and I’m at a point where I don’t know who I can even trust anymore. I have a circle of online friends I know are “safe” but anybody new I keep at arm’s length; I never know who might be one of those trolls posing as a “friend” to get more information to use against me.

I feel as if the world is always judging everything I do, hoping I fail. I have never loved myself as a person and always feel like I’m not worth anything. I’m crying as I type this.

I. Have. No. Worth.

Everything I say gets twisted against me. Is my only purpose in the world to be a punching bag for every jerk who likes to bully?


Schoolyard bullying is so sad & is rife all over the world & it appears in so many different guises. Ostracising is bullying, being left out of the group for no real reason.

I say to the victims, you are valued and you have self worth. No matter what others say or do, you were created for great things. Look out for others like yourself & make friends with them.

I was searching randomly to find out why kids are bullying each other. I read most of the comments people have been leaving and I somehow feel inspired and all I was really looking for was information on why bullies bully other people.

In my school there is this kid that keeps bullying my friend. I hate to see her so hurt and scared. Everyday I wonder why he bullies her so much. Most of the teachers have talked to him but it never seems to work. I probably can't make much of a difference but I want to so-o bad.

There are always specific people that he bullies. For example, kids that are large for their age, people from a foreign country, and people of a religion that he finds weird or odd.

In my school there are many different types of kids, with disabilities, different beliefs (religions), kids of all sizes.
Surprisingly teachers just tell us to ignore the person that is bothering us.

Name calling is another issue. My friend gets called bad names almost everyday and I can see that its making her weak and not confident about herself.

I actually think the bully might have troubles at home, but most of the time I think he enjoys bullying. I want to know what to do to help the bully open up to people, be nicer. I probably can't make much of a difference but I want to help.

I think our schools have the same no cancott policy. Our state is working on making schools adopt no bullying policies. If they are bullied they are supposed to tell an adult but that may not be the best answer. I have told my sons that if they end up in a fight or in trouble for defending themselves they have nothing to be worried about with me. Detention maybe but not suspension for defending yourself. The bullying at our schools was part of the reason my son took Tae Kwon Do so he could defend himself if he needs to.

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