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February 17, 2005


Adults should do everything in their power to prevent this from happening. I'm in high school and I get bullied every day! I once took action myself instead of telling someone and ended up being excluded for 15 school days. Since then I have kept a record of who it is and what they do, I show this record to my Headmaster/Mistress every week. This is only the first step to stop events like this from happening. It isn't enough. The authorities need to be involved too. You can't always trust a child's story. Governments should take a big step into school life. If governments saw what bullies do and did not just read the stories, bullying would hopefully be considered a serious crime like insurance fraud. If this action is taken, then in time bullying will be abolished and stopped.

We need to stop this, and stop it all now! If our children are to go to a school, we want to know that they are safe. We don't want excuses from schools saying "Oh, we didn't notice the big bruise on your child's face" when it's pretty obvious that bullies are commiting these crime against us, children and themselves! The bullies will grow into the habit and they will be fired from every job they get because of this. If we can stop this now, our children might have a chance of being safe.

Bullies cannot be stopped. They are everywhere. They bully people not because of their own problem. Not that rubbish. They bully people because of the fun and to earn respect.

The reason people (victims) try and kill themselves is because you get bullied, it is like someone stabbing you in the heart. You feel like you are not around and can't get away, and that's where people make the mistake. Believe me. I might be only age 15, but everyday from when I started my first school I have been bullied and I have also thought of the idea. However thinking about the ones you will make sad usually counters the weight.

I know how a lot of bullied people feel. I have glasses, I'm quiet around people I don't know, and I don't try to fit in. As a result of those three traits, I have been bullied all my life.

Since kindergarten, a group of popular people have made my life miserable. When I finally graduated from elementary school, all of the popular people at my new middle school took up the job of verbally abusing me.

My father passed away when I was in sixth grade, which made me quieter and angrier. I annoyed a lot of people because I had unmedicated ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder. When I finally got on medication for my depression and my ADD, I still was quiet and didn't want to fit in.

I have just about have been called every swear word numerous times and have been beaten up more than a few times. Also, a lot of the boys at my school started randomly picking on me for no reason. They've tripped me, called me many profanities, made jokes about how they thought I was a nerd, and once one of them even threw little plastic explosives at me.

Hopefully high school will be better. And to those who have been bullied, picked on, and beaten up, just remember that you're not alone. I know how you feel. I've shared similar experiences. You're not alone.

I find that having the girl convicted was the absolute right thing to do. Bullying is serious and can cause life long problems such as depression. I believe that all bullying cases should be seen and judged by a higher power. You hear these horror stories everyday about suicides and school shootings and when it all comes back to bullying you know that something needs to be done. No matter how much a teacher can yell and punish and no matter how strict parents can be, children will find ways around it and continue to bully for the pure enjoyment and authority it gives them. It is time that the law gets involved.. if it is illegal to throw a gum wrapper out a window then it should most definitely be illegal for children to make other children feel that death is the only option to happiness. Our National Anthem states that we are the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE. I think it's time for us not to be hyprocrites and show that we are free by giving every child freedom and it is also time to stand up and be brave and take these matters into a higher authority. Things need to be done.

Bullying is a disturbing and growing trend, as is bullycide. The documentary Film "Rats & Bullies: The Dawn-Marie Wesley Story" focuses on the tragic incident as well as offers solutions to stopping bullying behavior in schools by giving specifics to administrators, teachers, parents and kids themselves. The website is www.ratsandbullies.com

Bullying is a sickness not normal. it kills young people. its effects is lifetime. Time for the government to step up and make a law that will help victims and will held all bullies to justice. This is a serious problem. Bullying is a terrorist act, and should be solved or wiped out in America.

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