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February 17, 2005


I've experienced a bad case of bullying from a very young age and now can approach it better. What victims have to realize is that the bullies are the ones that fall down the hill and turn out to be the losers in life.

Where can I get the movie? I checked Blockbuster but they did not have it.

Bullying is really bad and mean!! Innocent kids are being hurt and their education is being ruined!!! We need to stop this!!

I was bullied all through my senior high years and worst of all, my whole senior year. My senior year was supposed to be the best and turned out to be the worst ever imagined. I didn't only imgine it, but experienced it. Some days I would come home crying, I gained weight and most of the time would spend my time by myself on the weekends. Something needs to be done. A lot of schools act like it is no big deal until the person becomes suicidal, depressed or even gets to the point where they commit suicide. In my eyes, from being bullied, I think it needs to be shown to the world more on how much it can effect so many people's lives and a true story, in my eyes, would be a great way to show.

That is some serious cause. Bullying should be taken seriously because it is serious. There should be real consequences. The movies are also a good idea because after people watch movies on bullying, I believe they will care to see how painful it can be. Bullying can even lead to depression and depression hurts

I, as a mother, am actually looking for a film to show in the school to show the ramifications of bullying...how it affects the recipient of bullying and how the life of the bully is. How & Why they became a bully and how their life turns out. Which in most cases isn't all that good. My daughter is being bullied and in the fifth grade and I want it stopped in its tracks. I'm looking for films that show both sides and how it impacts both sides possibly for the rest of their lives. I need something that will show how much compassion should be taught in schools.

When I was a little girl I had the misfortune of having a bully interfere with my studies. Well, actually 5 girl bullies. These girls teased me and taunted me. About my looks and my clothes. You see when I was a little girl, I never did have a lot of money, so I lived with what I had. I never even knew that I was going to be made fun of because I had not very good clothes :(

I didn't like being bullied and I think that they wouldn't it one bit. When I left I could see the main one of them laughing at me. But then i heard a STOP IT!!! It was one of the other girls. She said "You know she's right. You are mean, and well if you are going to be like that to her, then I don't want to hang out with you girls because it isn't cool.

Later on that day, this girl came and sat beside me during class and said how sorry she was and that she wouldn't ever do it again. I won't ever forget those horrible years. And I will make sure that any child that gets bullied can do what I did to set their future into place.

This is ABSOLUTELY ABSOLUTELY a good idea.
People need to accept and face that bullying is real, not something to be disguarded as "a part of growing up"
What if these victims don't get the chance to grow up because they commit suicide due to bullying? I'm 16 and I've never been bullied myself, but I do see it happen all the time and it's usually made fun of as a "dr phil stereotype" subject, but it's very real and very serious. A movie would show the world a hint of what's going on in schools.

I was a victim of bullying from 3rd grade until senior year of high school. It is a horrible experience, and I hope no other child will ever have to experience.

Bullying left me with psychological and physical issues. I now have paranoia, anxiety disorder, I was once bulemic and anorexic. That is how bad bullying had affected me.

I am currently writing my term paper for my women studies class on my experiences, as well as other people's experiences of bullying, and the effects that it has had on their lives.

This film is a great, because it brings attention to the fact that bullying is no joke, it is a serious matter. And should be treated as such!

Although I am a mature grown woman now, my past still affects me till this day, and I shall never forget what I went through when I was younger.

Everyone, it really is not that easy. You cannot give advice to people unless you are in their place experiencing that form of bullying.

Each bullying experience differs with each person. People always told me to stand up for myself, don't let them knock you down. But I was always too scared to, I was always fearful that these girls would beat me up because I knew that they would. I was a scared little innocent, sensitive, teenage girl. And they were mean, rude, rough, and tough.

I was recommended to ignore the bullies, and that worked, but for any person who is a victim of bullying on this website: Talk to a professional like a parent, guidance counselor, teacher, or principal. That normally helps. If not then talk to a friend, or someone older that you trust that can help you figure out your problem.

Don't worry, keep holding on. The world is a better place outside of school I promise! Once I graduated from high school, my life got so-o much better than I could have ever imagined. Don't give up!!!! : )

Teenagers bully because quite honestly, they are taught by their parents that they are better than other teens because they have more athletic ability, money, charisma, and popularity than their peers, and as a result, are more valuable than them. Socially inept people are looked down upon in modern society almost as much as homeless people. Social intelligence carries more value among American people more than any other kind of intelligence.

For example, I have an IQ of about 130, but was still labeled a "retard" in high school because I was socially awkward and always "said the wrong thing". Noone cares how many equations you can solve, it's about how many friends you make, or girls you can get, and if you can't do that, you're useless.

Often times in school, the victim will receive more punishment than the bully during an incident, because the victim fought back. The principal will say "your child was equally in the wrong". What he's really saying is "the bully is a successful athelete, and his dad donated another scoreboard for the stadium, the bully also is well liked among his peers, your child IS kinda weird anyway, and does not exibit socially acceptable behavior. Its human nature to target those who are different, so your child kinda got what was coming to him, by not being able to properly socialize, even though he cant help it. Simply put, the bully is worth more to our school then [you], and if you don't like that, take him elsewhere.

People have a need to feel superior, to have a "ranking" in society, having people they can pick on just makes them feel better about who they are. If someone has problems, people choose to bully them because not only is it easier than trying to understand them, but they can get more out of it if they use them to look and feel better. People like people with "instantly likable" personalities, not people they have to "understand".

So if a person comes across as weird and awkward, the natural reaction is to shun them, because it takes too much time and effort to get to know them, and their good qualities aren't worth a damn if they aren't all around perfect. If they don't make a good impression, even if they are worthwhile people, they aren't worth knowing.

People will choose to look down on those who are diffrent because there's no benefit to knowing these people, and because people look at them different if they associate with "losers". Noone has the backbone to go against popular opinion and befriend these people, so they're always gonna be looked down upon. that's how our society works

I believe that a movie about bullying is a great idea. People in general focus more of our attention on things that are stressed in everyday life. We don't think about things that aren't being focused or looked upon in the media spotlight. Bullying is a big problem and needs to be seen as just that. There are children everyday that have to fight themselves to wake up in the morning and go to school with the stress of having to think about the different routes that they should take to class to avoid bullies. To put bullying in a movie and let it be shown through media spotlight will bring about awareness of this serious matter. When there is awareness then there can be help.

Bullying has ruined my life. I used to cut myself I had thoughts of suicide and even attempted suicide so to all bullies Stop Stop Stop before you hurt someone u know or even love. to all victims u will pull through Trust me, violence isn't the answer someone will always love u and even if u live far away from me i will love you too.i will be your voice.i will help u i love u.

Bullying is such an awful thing to experience. Why do people do this?

These statements are all true. There needs to be a movie made about bullying in order for it to be noticed and dealt with. I am a child and youth worker who works in the schools and there is bullying all the time. I for one am willing to talk with whoever it takes to get this movie made. Please feel free to contact me for a lot more information on kids and bullies.

I think a movie about bullying is a good idea because then that way the people that bully other people can see what it's like when they hurt someone's feelings or better yet hurt them in general. A person has no right to bully someone else just because they're not popular or don't have nice things or clothes or don't stand out. Bullying isn't right. You should always stand up for what you believe in no matter if you get made fun of or not. Bullying should be illegal!

The incidents of teen bullying seems to be escalating, while some may say that bullying has always been present in society and that it only SEEMS to have increased due to the prevalence of videos and cell phones and blogs. However, the viciousness of the attacks and the often fatal ramifications of the bullying are not at all in question.

Children are dying at the hands of their bullies, or by their own hand as a consequence of that bullying. Tragically some of these children/teens are encouraged and egged on by a parent to bully and torment another.

Children who bully often grow up to be adult bullies. They will bully their spouse, their child; they will bully the elderly or the general population.

The reason why people bully children in particular are many, on December 8th and 9th there is going to be a Conference in Manhattan in New York City hosted by Today's Child Communications Inc. It will be their Sixth Annual Conference and there will be experts there to discuss this as well as other issues that are plaguing our children, and stopping them from leading healthy productive lives.

In attendance will be:

- U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY);

- Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League;

- Ed Lewis, co-founder of Essence Communications;

- Dr. Adelaide Sanford, former vice chancellor of the NYSED’s Board of Regents;

- Dr. Calvin Butts, pastor of Abyssinian Baptist, president of SUNY – Old Westbury;

- Dr. Winston Price, past president of the National Medical Association;

- NYC Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott; head of the Depts. of Youth, Education and Housing Authority;

- Mike Wood, news reporter for New York’s Fox 5 TV;

- Justine Simmons, co-star of MTV’s top-rated Run’s House.

- As well as many other experts and over 500 participants at this 2 day event.

I encourage anyone who is a concerned individual to attend. For additional information you can go to http://todays-child.com for additional information and to register.

Within the district and schools, major bullying policies have been implemented. At my school we use a “Bully Can” as an anonymous way to report bullying. One problem is that children don’t feel comfortable or are intimidated to tell someone, so the “Bully Can” serves as an easier way to get help. I think it is very important for children to understand what bullying truly is and what it looks like. Adults also need to be educated about bullying and take part in the anti-bullying campaigns. Codes of conduct should apply to all adults, including parents/guardians, staff, volunteers, extended family, and visitors while involved in any school activities. Adults need to be positive role models, speak in encouraging and positive manners, listen actively and offer empathy, support, and guidance when needed, regard everyone with respect and dignity, and respect the rights of others as individuals. In order to foster a safe, respectful school climate, ongoing professional development should be scheduled throughout the school year. This should be focused on building skills of all staff in the areas of prevention, identification and response to bullying, as well as training in social curricula that addresses a positive classroom environment. All programs and topics need to be researched based and developmentally appropriate for students in grades K-5. Also, consideration needs to be given to students with disabilities especially those students with autism or students whose disabilities affect social skills development. A way to identify more problem areas would be to utilize surveys of students, parents and teachers. The school community must come together to help eliminate bullying!

Bullying has taken a toll for the worse! From tears and fights to sdiuice and murder! The world and children are becoming angrier and angrier and taking their anger out on those that are weaker and different that them. Sometimes there are issues of reverse bullying, where the most affluent person is smaller but louder and more affluent (Napoleon). The rise of homosexuality in the media has also brought forth a rise of outward opposition. As an educator bullying effects my classroom decisions regarding planning and management in what I teach first. The first subject I teach the second week of school after classroom rules procedures and exercises is Sportsmanship or Sports person ship. It sets the tone of what I expect of them. I did not use the term bullying and have yet to see the school policy on bullying, but I make it plain and have a worksheet on respecting teammates, respecting opponents, playing fair and playing by the rules. I do not allow picking also known as bad sportsmanship. During each unit we outline what activities are done in a game that show good sportsmanship; basketball, shake hands at the end of the game and beginnig at the jumpball, even shaking the referees and opposing coach's hand! I strive to make the teams even based on ability so that no one team will win all the time and have an unfair advantage over the other. I am very visible, and watch everything! I catch them doing good and bad! I place the students in exercise positions that are spaced well away from each other.

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