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February 17, 2005


When we document a tragic bullying incident in a movie, that could allow the bullies to see how bad their actions are. Bullies don't really realize their actions are that bad. It could also help the victims to know how to escape from bullies.

I think that it is a good idea to document a real-life tragic bullying incident because people can learn from it. Most people don't believe that something like that could happen to them. If people don't experience a bullying situation, they don't know the dangers of bullying. Therefore, they have to learn indirectly from a movie or a book.

A document about real-life bullying is a good thing. It is an effective way to make us realize how bad bullying is as we watch it. It shows parents and teachers they need to think about bullying.

I think it is a good idea because it can let many people know about bullying. Usually a bullying situation takes place in an isolated place, so parents or teachers don’t know about it. But if they saw a movie or a book about bullying, they might start thinking about this problem, and wonder it their child or their students were being bullied.

I think it is not a good idea to make a movie or book because although it might show people what bullying is really like, it would be exaggerated since it is a movie or book. Movies and books will be based on real life which means the story is about real victims. How does the movie or book affect his/her life after movie is realeased? What victims need is help.

Making a movie about bullying incidents is a good idea because the movie can remind people how serious bullying is. For example, after watching the movie "Hotel Rwanda," I realized that we failed to intervene in the genocide of other countries. I think when a bullying incident is documented in a movie, people will watch the movie and be concerned about this problem.

In my opinion, a document about bullying is a good idea. If bullying is seen in a movie or book, it can be the key to the solution of the problem in another situation and it will convince us how terrible bullying is.

Documenting bullying incidents is a good idea. If bullies recognize they cause bad situations, they might stop bullying. These documentay films show the report on victims who killed themselves and bullies may go on trial. Bullies act without thinking but victims are hurt emotionally whatever they do, and the bullying can become serious. Documenting serious bullying incidents may help bullies recognize how terrible their acts are.

I think she had no person to depend on about being bullied. Anyway, when she was bullied, she should have consulted with someone before kill herself I think. They tried to keep bullying her because she didn't do anything. If she tried to consult with her mother or teachers, she thought people who have bullied her continue to bully her harder. This is one of the most important problems and this is the cause. It made her kill herself, I think.

As a solution, Japan has many phone calling centers victims to consult about bullies. They can consult with other people who are not related to bullying situation.

I think it is a good idea to make a bullying movie. Because of this movie, many people can know how terrible bullying is, and they will be more concerned about bullying, so they will intervene and bullying will be solved.

Yes, it is a good idea to document a real life bullying incident because tragic bullying is a very serious problem that many people experience in their student years. If people make some movies or books about bullying it will help victims and maybe it can help solve the bullying problem.

Do you truly believe that a bully really cares what people think about his bullying behavior? I believe the bully is happy to see that people are noticing his bullying and will bully all the more.

Mi Hye Ahn,

I agree with you that documenting a real-life tragic bullying incident will help people learn from it. If people have not experienced it or known someone who has, they might not ever think about the problem. Books and movies can cause people to get involved in correcting problems. It can cause them to care and emphathize. Can you think of other ways to make people emphathize about bullying?

I think that one way to make people empathize about bullying is to write a play about bullying that makes people understand how serious bullying is. Students could write a play that shows people that bullying is big problem. Then, other people could understand how victims and bullies feel. Another way is a conference, The conference gets teachers, students, and parents together. They can discuss bullying situations and understand the problem. If people keep trying to find solutions, such as conferences and plays, it could reduce bullying situations in the future.

Thank you for giving your opinion. Well, even if bullies bring attention from others and hurt people, I strongly think they are not themselves when they bully.

It is a terrible bullying incident. It might be a good idea to document the real-life bullying incident in a film. Students will know that it is not only a story in a movie, but also like real-life incidents happening around us everyday.

This movie shows realities to us. We should think about what schools and parents should do in these kind of cases. Everybody in Dawn-Marie's class knew what was going on and what was ing to her. However, there were not any adults who knew before Dawn-Marie committed suicide. I understand if someone reports bullying incidents to teachers or parents, nobody in this class will be friendly to him or her. In my opinion, we should correct this kind of wrong idea in many students' minds. Then we can destroy the bullying environments and situations.

Most movies that have to do with bullying are very old. Like from the 80's and are nothing like todays violence. If a movie is going to be put out about bullying, it will have to be a VERY GOOD one. One that would almost be good enough to hit the box office or somthing. It would have to be a movie that would capture the students' feelings about a certain person. And in the end, if something happened to that person, then people would see how awful bullying truly is. Just saying bullying is bad.. Bullying is wrong.. won't stick with people. A good and mind blowing movie about somone who commits suicide because they feel they have nothing left in their life would DEFINITELY get the point across........

Bullying is a terribe thing...the victim feels helpless and is afraid to speak due to not wanting to draw further attention to self...but they should draw from their strength within and reach out for help...before it is too late. suicidal thoughts are very common among victims of these monsters.

I think the making of this movie is incredible. That poor little girl, heaven knows what she went through. Rest In Peace To You.

I feel making a film out of this issue is cruel. It won't go away until someone realises what they're doing. Bullying is only the start. You can't risk it turning into a death.

I don't think there should be bullying in Canada or in the world

I came to Canada in 2003 and was relentlessly bullied. I have gone through all of the trauma but, I lived through it. It's a passing thing....this video, I think it will make a difference....its very good that people are trying to make a difference in the society.

Bullying is not good. I have been bullied and it's not fun. Even if you think it is cool doesn't mean it is. Listen, you might think I am a nerd but you're wrong. I am not...yall need to know that bullying isn't cool. If you are bullied, stand up for yourself and be who you want to be and know that you're special!

And if others think something else don't worry because you know who you are. Stand tall and be proud. But if it gets too serious still do that, but let an adult you trust know! Yell at that bully to stop..."It's not cool. You may think you're cool, but you know what you're making out of yourself...a fool!

Help stop bullying worldwide. No matter where you are, there shouldn't be bullying. Just remember some words to live by: "You can't hate others without hating your self."
- Oprah Winfrey

Peace! A town down chill and make bullying stop!

Well I have been bullied my whole life and am still getting bullied. I'm an 11 year old student and I'm doing a report on bullying to try to get it across to the people that are doing the bullying or just don't care. I want them to understand what effects it can have and where it can lead to if not dealt with.

Because of the bullying, I have cut my wrist and don't talk to anyone. Now I want to deal with it so I stop and now see a counselor. It was hard, but if I do this, then I can help others who are getting bullied.

Hi I'm 17 and I've been there. Not cool. You need 2 stand up 4 yourself and let them have it! I stood up and they sat down. Go 4 it. Life is there to be yours.

A bully has no right to make fun of any one and if he does, he has God to answer to. Try to ask God to help you in your experience of being bullied. He helped me when I was being bullied and he can help you too. I'm only 16 and if he can help me, I think he can help you.

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