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February 07, 2005


Hey I am a kid who has gotten bullied before and it is not fun. I hope you kids who get bullied make it through life without getting bullied anymore.......Thank you and I will be praying for you all.

I agree with all those people who hate bullies. No one cares anymore. All the old ways to make bullies stop, those aren't working anymore! My teacher told us to walk up to the bully and say "You really hurt my feelings and I think you should apologize." Give me a break! I'm 13 years old and even I know that's not gonna work! t really sucks to know that we live in a world full of bullies!

People have a reason for bullying not just because they want to be popular. We should try find the solution to the problem, not punish them.

I was bullied as a child and even though it has been over 29 years ago, it still affects me today. I have spent years hating the way I look and whenever men or women tell me I am beautiful I didn't believe them. It has taken me a very long time to gain self esteem and have the courage to love the person looking back at me from the mirror.

I have led a very wonderful life since my childhood and am now very successful. I recently discovered that the boy who was my tormentor has not had an easy life. I thought he would. He is unhappy and is struggling. I feel sorry for him but I also believe that what comes around, goes around.

A word of comfort to all the young men and women who are just leaving school, time does heal all wounds and you're not alone. There are millions of men and women just like you who understand how you feel. I am one of them. Keep your head held high and if you need to, seek out a therapist who can help you make sense of all the feelings you have.

I was bullied before. It was really making me mad. 1 year after that year I started to get scare of those persons. I tried to tell the teachers but I couldn't cause I was scared. Then I stood up for myself and that's when they stopped. The true thing is that they do it is because they want the attention that their families don't give them.

I have witnessed bullying. In middle school there was bullying everywhere, and it was always was the same bullies, and same victims. There was a boy in our class who was always picked on who had a really hard time, if I could go back I would've done things much different. I bullied this boy, making fun of him benefited me, I did what I could to get laughs. Impressing others isn't worth putting someone through a lot of pain.

ha ha ha! I am a bully and laugh at you.

I've been bullied for three years and I hate bullies.

One of the most important facts that most educators and counselors fail to address is that the way capitalism shapes people is to be egocentric, individualistic, greedy, competitive, in other words to struggle to survive in increasingly worsening economic conditions where the 2% of the world's richest won't loosen the grip and will suck the last drop of blood out of ordinary working citizens not mention devastate this planet's resources.

Once we address that as a problem bullying will subside. We can spin it and blame it on parenting, bad childhood experiences, but these are ramifications and secondary causes. The primary cause is the vulture capitalism that's spreading like cancer.

Most bullies are afraid to be bullied, that's why they bully others.

I think people should step forward and offer help to a victim who is being bullied. That is something missing today (I wonder why!). Most people want to stay aloof and enjoy the show! This connivance from others is the reason why a bully never feels sorry for his actions.

I think bullying is just really sad because some people kill them selves because of other kids that keep bullying them.

I have a friend that is scared to come out of his house because he doesn't want other people making fun of him.

I am doing something for my school, talking about bullying and what I read so far, it is not a nice thing what people do to other kids

I was bullied, now I'm happily sociopathic.

I once knew this boy who was bullied everyday until he graduated. He never did anything to anyone. He kept to himself and didn't bother anyone, but everyday at recess he would walk around the playground and people would laugh at him, say mean things, kick him, punch him, throw balls at him, and in the winter they'd throw snow and even ice at him. And people did it for laughs. They didn't know they were being bullies. They thought they were just being funny and having fun :(

Someone needs to help people like that poor boy!

Bullying has been a big issue in every school. The person being bullied has to pay the price and the one that is bullying is still bullying others and nothing is being done.

I feel if the bullying doesn't stop, schools should be sued for turning blindness to the situation. I also believe that parents should be held accountable. Because of lack of parenting, students do what they want and nothing is ever done.

People look at bullies like it's just life and everyone has to go through it, but bullying someone else to make you happy is not cool at all. Sometimes people bully so they won't get bullied. Parents need to pay more attention to their kids because their kids could be going through some things and they may not even know it. Stop bullying. It is uncool.

Report bullying to WeTip They are an anonymous crime reporting hotline.

Advise to those being bullied-

Round up some of your friends and beat that kid down. I don't care if it makes you no different from them. If they have a group too, beat them down one by one.

Opposite of what the teachers are saying in elementary, but YES, fight back.

If it ever gets too extreme, tell an adult that won't overreact but can put a stop to it.

I am not bullied, but I know lots of kids that are and its horrible.

Bullying needs to stop! I hate bullies, my friend ,___, always gets picked on because he is gay. People need to learn how to treat others with respect and not like trash.

I mean how would you like it if you picked on someone and it backfired on you? You wouldn't like it very much now would you? Bullying is harassment.

I've been bullied before and I didn't know what to do so I just took it. But now since I'm a sophomore and I'm 16 I don't take that kind of crap. I see people getting bullied all the time. It's ridiculous and nonsense. You should always treat someone the way you want to be treated not treat one person like trash and someone else like an angel.

By Mucheru Njaga

Author of Patch: Assumption is a crime.

I was a bully.

I didn't plan on being one. In fact, before then, I was a victim of bullying. As a freshman in an all boys boarding school, I along with all of the junior students served at the behest of the "Prefects", a small group of senior students.

They ruled our school with a heavy hand and had more power than the teachers. They bullied us physically and mentally, once we had to jump on our knees, other times they banned us from wearing pants and limited us to shorts to serve as a constant reminder to who we are. Verbal humiliation was an everyday occurrence as well.

Four years later, I became a "prefect", a bully and part of a system I once despised. We would raid the freshman area in the middle of the night and make them follow whatever we ordered them to do at 2 am or face severe punishment. We called them names in front of the dining halls and used them as practice dummies during rugby games.

All of this was acceptable – condoned by the school faculty at the time because the "Prefects" were seen as the guardians and mentors of the young students.

Today the danger of bullying and its impact on our society is finally shaking many people awake. Many groups and organizations have made significant steps in our fight against bullying but there seems to be a growing number of bullying related deaths in America and the world.(Statistic)

So where's the disconnect? Why are we letting this happen?

Where does bullying start?

In our efforts to address this growing problem, we tend to focus more on the end result of bullying rather than why it starts. The kids we recognize as bullies and vilify as the aggressors could easily be our very own children or next door neighbor.

In other words, for every victim, there is a perpetrator, and I set out to find out what turns a lovable kid or teen into a bully. For the last couple of years, I compiled a case studies I believe could be a catalyst in our bid to stop bullying.

Throughout my entire experience, I noticed the common motivation behind bullying is fear. As a victim, I was afraid to fight for what I knew was right and as a bully, I feared losing the tight grip of power I held. It is this fear that keeps things status-quo and continues the cycle.

The same basic principle plays out in schools today. Bullying is almost always a direct or indirect byproduct of fear. "Fear" of being labeled, "fear" of being uncool, fear of being seen as weak.

Most if not all instances of bullying are rooted in fear. Sadly, it is this fear that prevents kids from living a free life, where they are free to be different, to be gay, to love a certain kind of music or activity, to be themselves.

So how does true change take place?

Define bullying with your kids and talk it out:
For teens public perception has a substantial influence on their daily decisions. We need to clearly explain to kids what bullying is, how to spot bullying tendencies within themselves and how to avoid acting them out.

Take away the cool factor:
Show kids that bullying stems from fear, and we could effectively render bullying as an "uncool" deed. The largely successful anti-smoking, "Truth" campaign and the anti-drug, "Rise above the influence" campaign ads help significantly reduce those habits among young people. A well executed marketing campaign endorsed by a popular teen celebrity that showcases bullying as an unacceptable act can help garner attention for the cause.

Be aware of tendencies towards bullying developing in kids:
Educators, parents and children alike must be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of bullying before the problem gets out of hand. If there is a widespread understanding that fear is the underlying emotion perpetrator of the bullying cycle, those who observe a child who exhibits signs of fear and insecurity can spot a problem early on and raise concerns.

Encourage self reflection:
Talk with children who are bullying others and encourage them to consider their behaviors. Often, another problem is bubbling beneath the surface and it is necessary to determine the root of the behavior in order to fix it. Since this self-examination can prevent those problems from manifesting into something more harmful, the earlier it takes place, the better.

Promote open communication about bullying problems:
We have to change the way kids view talking to adults and authority figures about bullying issues. Kids are often worried about "snitching" and the negative perception of telling adults when they are having these types of problems. We must convince them that it is brave, courageous, and admirable to put an end to the situation instead of remaining silent.

Mucheru Njaga is the author of "Patch: Assumption is a crime", a young adult novel based in his personal experience with teen bullying that encourages debate and discussion among teachers, parents and students.


I think people bully because there is an imbalance of power in their lives. Somebody superior to the bully has abused their power over them and hurt or degraded or even just made them do something they didn't want to do in some way.

So to make them feel like they have some control or power over their lives or some worth, they abuse the power they have over another person's life; e.g. a teenager is being abused by parents at home (adults misusing power against them) so they go to school and bully the kid a few years younger than them (abusing the power they have over the younger kid, making them feel like they have some power over life).

I heard of this contest that some of you may be interested in. I think I'm going to give it a try. You create a short video on bullying and submit it to www.clipsbyu.com

It's their 2011 contest. The winner gets $2,000 cash prize along with more runner-up prizes. This is a chance to show ppl how bullying effects the victims

There can be bullies at work too. Even if they are adults, they feel accomplished if they bully others. It's an honor to them when you laugh at their jokes at the expense of others.

So if you witness any of this with others, just ignore the bullies and not laugh at their jokes. They weaken when no one is watching and admiring their bullying expertise.

I am getting bullied and it is not fun. If you are getting bullied too, then you can tell a teacher/principal or some other grown up. You just tell the bully to stop. I hope that works!

A lot of people think they are all that because they bully..... NOT TRUE people cry because of bullying.

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