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February 07, 2005


Bullies are just doing these things because they have been bullied at one point in time or another. They may have been abused at home or at some other time. It is not always their fault, yeah they are wrong for it but it is their way to hide their pain.

I have been bullied since primary school and I know that it is wrong and should not be a part of normal school and should be dealt with and stopped as soon as possible.

I do not understand why people bully people. Most of the time the people who bully are the ones who are going through problems at home.

They probably do it because they want to see other people hurt just as much as they are. I believe that some people bully because they just want attention. I do not think it is right to bully.

What would you do if you were bullied? fighting isn't always the answer.

We had a citizenship task given to us as a sort of homework. The theme this year and for all years was abuse.

The year 7 article was about a 9 year old girl called Jessica o' Connell who wanted to die because she was being bullied so much. She had been suffering abuse for 2 year because the bully said that she would kill her and her sister if she didn't go along with the abuse.

She wrote in a diary "I wish I was dead so I wouldn't have to suffer more pain." She was hit, called terrible names and even held underwater in a swimming pool.

I dread to think what we'll have to write about in years 8, 9,10, and 11.

I think that people need to STOP bullying.

Bullying is real bad. It should stop.

I hated when I saw the popular kids at school torment the not so popular kids who just wanted to fit in. It was awful and I wanted to stand up for them because they were all so nice, but I was afraid that if I got involved, I would be bullied too.

If you see or hear somebody being bullied, then do something about. Tell an adult, because if you don't stop it, than who will?

I think bullying should be stopped because of the violence in the whole world and there is a lot of it. It should really stop!

Bullies pick on people because they want to be cool and stand out. A victim will usually run away or tell a supervisor. Teachers should be responsible and be more aware of bullying. It would be best for parents to talk to their child more frequently.

People are stupid to bully other people for no reason... and if it's just because they want to stand out.. that is the stupidest way to make themselves stand out.. cause other people think that they are a nightmare... and those not so popular people need to learn to stand up for themselves and have enough confidence to fight back... cause they won't stop ..

I don't know why everyone accuses the popular people of being bullies. not all popular people are bullies. I myself am popular and I don't bully people.

I think they bully because they can`t control themselves or have problems at home. I think it is bad to bully and I don`t understand why they want to do things like that. Bullying can lead to suicide and problems for your whole life. If you bully, please stop!

Bulling happens everywhere, and you can't stop it. They do that because they want be cool, which hurts anyone who being bullied. Often the case is take no notice and walk away and not fight back. Fighting back is not the right answer to your solution but it makes you angry and feel like you wanted to fight back who ever is bulling you. The truth is bullies don't even care about you and that's true, whether you tell a teacher at school or what, bullies don't care if you're sad because they bully you. They just won't give a dam about you!! I see bullies are stupid and they show off!! I call them The fulls!!! let you father in heaven take care of you and for those who being bullied!!! Thank you

Bullying is also harrassment! maybe the government should have to provide cameras for all of us that are being bullied! then go to court and sue the people who are doing it and if they are kids sue the parents!!! not only am I being bullied the bully has also went on t.v and said no one likes me!! because they too are being bullied into it!! I know I am not the problem but it has took a toll on me and I am sick of it!!

Why do people bully?
1)The people who bully are showoffs and they
think that they are the only ones who are popular in their school.
2)They think they are richer and smarter than other kids in their school.
3)They are jealous a lot from other kids who get or buy something new.

People are bullies because they think its cool but it's not. Think about it!

Nobody in the world should get bullied for no reason. It's mean and the bullies don't realize that they are traumatizing the kids into death because if I ever got bullied I know that
i would kill myself. And do the bullies think it's fair that the family of the victims cry because their kids look away their own life.

I feel so sick because I was bullied. It has been 4 years, and I know it's silly, but I still feel the pain the kids caused. I was bullied everyday and I never stood up for myself. On facebook I found one of the bullies and I told him about what he and the other kids caused. He didn't even say he was sorry, he said it was my fault. He is evil. The kids that bullied me are probably happy and popular now. They probably don't even remember me. But I will always remember them. One day I hope to be happier, but for right now, I'm still scared of what people think of me.

Did u know that most bullies bully because they have been bullied before, and felt small. When they bully, it makes them feel powerful, and big. They forget what they felt, and just torment other people, which sometimes leads to the victim's suicide. Bullying should not be tolerated in school. I think bullies should get expelled from school if they bully.

Bullies bully other kids because they think they are more superior, well they got it wrong! Another reason they bully is because they have no self esteem about themselves so they feel they have to come to school and pick on other kids. Others bully because they sometimes have people to back them up. Some people bully kids at my school by talking about them and spreading rumors about them. Sometime you just have to stick up for yourself, and tell a parent. Don't ever be afraid to tell a parent. They can help you a lot.

Today, today millions of kids will receive harsh physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. I was one of the daily regulars that always got a treatment. Today I know longer go to --- Middle school, I left 15 days before school was actually out. I couldn't take it anymore i gave up, i always tried to say something back, but instead it instigated them to destroy my self-esteem even more. Bullying must be stopped, it has been going on far too long. Please help

I'm being bulled but I don't know what to do. I got to the teachers it doesn't get sorted and the people carry on the government should get it sorted it should stop and i mean stop. They do stuff I don't like - hey call me names, they hit and they say they will find out were I live and beat me up and smash the house if i tell a teacher. What shall I do please i want the government to make it stop for me and other people who find they're being bulled. What do you think of bullying?

Insecure - people who participate in this degrading of another person are, at the heart of it all...insecure. Insecure about themselves, their lives, their home, their friends, whatever, you name it they are insecure.

Think through that and how we deal with the real issue of what is going on inside the person.

It is just a shame what all happens.

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