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February 07, 2005


I think bullies need attention. They want to be popular and need to feel they have power. Usually they bully when they are with friends, but when they are alone, they don't do anything. They need help; they have to learn that their victims feel bad emotionally and physically.

Maybe bullies don't have attention from their parents or his parents work all day and don't speak with them. Teachers shouldn't punish them. They should speak with them and be a good friend.

I think it is very important to try and do something about bullying while the bully is young. Otherwise, that bully becomes the jerk at work and so on. Adults can't really be handled as easily as children, so it's very important to stop it before it starts!

when kids gets bullied, they normally won't tell. They will feel trapped in a dark room and will get depressed easily.

Children normally won't voice out to people when they are bullied. They will feel embarrassed. Parents should spend more time with their children in order to let them have a sense of belonging.

Bullies are those who are totally cowards. Bullies always take people's unhappiness as an entertainment. Bullies are totally inconsiderate people. They should change their character for the better.

Many times, people are hurt deeply. I am sure no one enjoys to be lonely or disliked. So if you see someone who is alone and sad, why not go to their side and be their help, rather than being another bully?

I am now 17 and bullied a boy for about 4 years, from the age of 12 to 16. I come across this site when I was trying to understand why I did it - and I guess it was because it made me popular. I always knew that it was wrong, but it felt good in some weird way.

I never had problems at home or anything like that, it was just something that my group of friends were doing. I don't think you have to be an idiot to bully - I'm now taking A - levels having passed my GCSE's and have applied for university.

I do regret doing it because now I'm sucessful and he's not purely because he was scared to go to school. We were horrible, we used to follow him home and beat him up.

I'm not a bad person, I don't even understand why I did it. I recently spoke to him and said sorry but it's ruined his life, he's seeing a therapist. I guess I'm sorry but it's too late now.

I have never been bullied seriously before but I have had to endure the subtle bullying techniques which some kids use. Teasing, ignoring, excluding etc. Kids usually do this to make themselves feel better about themselves. Lowering their victims self-esteem will raise their own.

When I was in primary school a boy in my grade was teased for being so clever. He is still in my class at high-school but now it is him who bullies another boy who is a bit weird. Bullying is such a vicious cycle in schools.

I have never been bullied before because I don't get near those people who bully.

Bullying is not cool.

Kids should inform their parents about being bullied so that they can get some action and so that doesn't ruin their whole life!

I was bullied at a U.K. secondary school in the 1980's and found the response very unsympathetic. It was apparent that the bullies were getting off lightly, unlike their victims. Schools must crack down on anti-social behavior.

I think bullying is terrible and there really is not a reason to bully anyone!

Bullies bully because they feel bad about themselves. If you make them feel good about themselves, they won't bully any more.

Ummm, I get bullied all the time. I was doing an oral speech for school on verbal bullying and I found your site. It is very helpful.

And yes, nowadays verbal bullying is the most common way to bully. It's even worse then physical bullying. Usally words like these are used for verbal bullying..."loser, you're ugly, stupid, get a life, who do you think you are, looking at me? How do you get so ugly?...." Stuff like that can be very serious. It can lead to SUICIDE if it gets so bad.

So, bullies out there, how would you feel if you killed someone out there for no good reason? I bet you never knew you could kill some one by the little word like 'loser' .... watch what your saying.

What I mean is I was going to kill myself one day because of being called a very mean name. :(

Bullying is a symptom, the root problem is disrespect. Children and adults often can believe that they can say and do what they want. We have to hold people accountable for their actions as much as possible in order to send the message that bullying and disrespect will not be tolerated.

Some people bully so they can have cool friends to hang with or they do it to show off in front of a girl.

Harassment is terrible. My brother was a victim of harassment, and because of it, he committed suicide. I'll never forgive the kids who led him to it, or the teachers who let it slide. It is not fair. My family is now torn apart.

Are bullies insecure people? That is what many people say. However, it is not entirely true. Yes, some bullies pick on you because they are insecure and they do not feel good about themselves, yet not all bullies are insecure.

Some bullies pick on you because it gives them a feeling of strength and makes them feel superior towards you. Especially when people back down and let bullies push them, around they feel stronger and they keep doing it.

Bullies are not always insecure people sometimes they pick on you because the are bigger then you, so it makes them feel stronger and when you give in you give them the power and control to push you around more.

Bullies find all of reasons to pick on people. A bully can think of all kinds of ways to make another person feel hurt, afraid, uncomfortable, or just plain miserable.

Many people bully because they can have cool friends or show off in front of a boy/girl. Nowadays verbal bullying is used a lot more than physical bullying. In fact, it hurts people a lot more. Some examples of word people use for verbal bullying are "loser, you're ugly, stupid, get a life, who do you think you are, looking at me? How do you get so ugly?”

Bullies often bully people to make them feel better about themselves. Does it work, I do not know. Bullying someone for any reason whatsoever is not cool. How would you feel if you bullied someone, so much they eventually killed themselves? It is not a good feeling. It is a feeling of guilt and realizing not using that one word could have saved someone’s life.

Some bullies think if they tease you or hurt you in any way it will make them popular or liked more...sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. What would you do if you were bullying someone just to get popular and it did not work?

Other reasons people bully are that they see everyone else doing it so they think it is no big deal. They feel pressured into hurting others because their friends are doing it. It is kind of like drugs you see everyone else doing it, so you do it because it is “no big deal” or “it is cool”; well it is a big deal and it is not cool.

Normally if you are bullied you will not tell your parents or any adult because you feel embarrassed. However, it is not embarrassing because it is a serious issue and they will care.

Seeing someone get hurt is like an entertainment for bullies; they like seeing people unhappy and scared. You may even say bullies are inconsiderate people.

If bullies got more attention, do you think a lot less people would be bullied? Sometimes bullies will bully for the reason that it makes them feel physically powerful as if they have more power and control.

Another reason bullying exists is everyone always wants to be better than others, so when they see someone superior to them they resort to bullying which will not help you do better.

Bullying is a sick twisted thing to do; it hurts even more when you have no one to turn too and people are cheering the bullies on when they hurt you.

Bullying is a bad thing. It can be very serious and needs to be stopped. I have been a victim of bullying before. I could do nothing about my bullying, and there was nothing the school could do.

A bully is generally anything but a coward. Bullies are generally people with physical strength that far exceeds others. No, a bully will not run if you stand up to him, instead you will more than likely get your face smashed in. It's not a case of being insecure or anything like that, it's just a simple fact that some people enjoy violence. And don't think that bullies only pick on the weak because they will pick on anyone. How are they supposed to know they are the toughest anyway without first trying to conquer you? The real cowards are the victims, not the bully.

Bullying is not cool, it's stupid. A bully's stupidness can cause risks to people's lives or may even take them.

On one hand, I view a bully as a bad thing and on the other I do. On one hand it can harm the person being the subject and/or target of the bully, but of course it teaches the person being the "subject" that most people are not really Trust worthy and to keep your guard up against people which teaches the person survival skills later in life.

A person should not have to learn those skills through being bullied! There are many ways in which a person can obtain such skills and they should not be bullied to learn them! Please reconsider what you have said James Ram. Thank you.

Bullying usually does come from kids who have problems at home. They like to put other people down just to cover up the problems they're having. Part of it is also lack of discipline. I knew some bullies who had parents that abused them or didn't know how to discipline them. Like they say, "Bad parents make bad children."

I got picked on now and then because I had a speech problem. I told teachers and the principal when the bullying and teasing got really bad. Some teachers did something about it while others didn't. I find it extremely selfish when adults do nothing about it. It's a hint that they either like kids that bully or that they are selfish and childish themselves.

I also never told my parents b/c I didn't want them to know I was a loser. I was afraid they would feel bad about being the parent of an unpopular kid. I thought standing up for myself and fighting back verbally was a way to deal with bullying, but now I know it wasn't.

I think adults should make it clear to their kids that being judge mental is not the solution. The real solution is to pretend a person bullying you is not there and over time they'll eventually leave you alone. That is the solution adults were not making clear to me when I was a kid.

Right now I'm in college and I've made new friends who had problems fitting in b/c they were different from most of the other kids.

Here's one really important issue to remember about bullying. Not only does it lead to a victim killing theirselves, it can also lead to a victim killing those who bully them. That's why you don't ignore mentally ill kids that get bullied! It provokes them to committ school shootings. Over the years school shootings have been committed by a student that was bullied on a frequent basis.

I think people bully for many reasons. Sometimes they do it just to make themselves strong and powerful. If you are getting bullied, talk to someone get it off your chest.

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