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February 07, 2005


I used to be bullied. I felt like I didn't want to go to school. I told the teacher but nothing got sorted... also the teachers didn't listen.

Sometimes I think there is no way to prevent bullying. Schools try to prevent it, but no one really intervenes. Communities can pass laws against bullying, but it is not easy to enforce these. Witnesses, or bystanders, usually are quiet. If there are no witnesses, it is just the word of the victim against that of the bully. It is hard for a victim to prove he has been bullied. If he tells on the bully, the bullying may get worse. He has no protection. So, I think no one can really know how to prevent bullying.

Bullying is no different than drugs or other bad habits or ilnesses; it can be prevented but not stopped for it is like saying that we will be able to stop people from getting sick or killed, therefore it is unexpected but it can be prevented thanks to the law, police, friends, etc.....

I have been bullied on the bus that I take to go to school. I admit I was afraid, but I also believe that I would have probably beat the crap out of that asshole if he wasn't with his friends or if he had hit me hard, but all this never happened because I stayed cool.

I mean the only thing he did was poke my arm and say a bunch of crap and laughed with his friends... the point is the bully doesn't bully the same person.

In fact, he doesn't care or probably forgets anyway so my advice is walk away from trouble because eventually he'll have his ass kicked in by someone else and hey what do you know that someone will probably be in prison.... so like I say why worry when you can walk away.

Most people bully for pleasure, like some people go and do body building for the same reason, but would you continue to body build if you didn't obtain results? I sure wouldn't. Therefore, a bully wouldn't continue to bully if the victim didn't show signs of weakness or reactions.

The conclusion is simple because to everything there is a motive, but there also is a solution, and the best solution I can give you is to walk away from trouble because this is what the bully doesn't want cause he achieves nothing.

But you, on the other hand, are completely intact and demonstrate to the bully (ignorant person) that you are smarter and most importantly that you are not afraid.

I can't believe people think that bullies should be beaten badly. I mean, by doing that, you're basically being just like them, only worse because you're hurting a kid that's already going through stuff that you're going through except even worse. So any one who thinks that we should beat up bullies is basically just a bully, so by saying that, you're just another one of them.

I was playing and saw a kid being bullied by other guys in my class. The boy started crying. He ran away and they followed him. Me and some of my friends told them to stop, but they didn't, so I told my teacher and she made the guys apologize to the boy. After that they never bullied the guy or anyone else again. ** I feel bullies bully because they are not doing so good in school or they're having problems at home.

Ah yes, the good old days of education. I personally do not remember any cases of bullying. However I used to stand up to the worst kids in my school, and convey the message "listen do not even dare to lay a finger on me or your ... is going to be in such trouble".

My point is that people have to learn how to stand up for themselves in a productive manner. Or else a bully will bite. I do not condone bullying and the extremes of today, but for all the Vics out there.

"If you let someone dominate you, you're just as guilty as the bully, so next time you are confronted by your bully or bullies, tell them "Stop calling me names...It really hurts me when you call me those names. Can you stop?"

I used to be part of a Peer Conflict Mediation team in school. And I will tell you it works. About 100 percent of the cases you get all of them come to a solution. A bully in definition does not understand boundaries. And you have to teach them that there conduct is affecting them, others around, and it clearly needs to stop.

I know bullies are mean, aggressive and have no boundaries. But as long as you the Vic stay silent the bully will bully. Now I know Vics everywhere are saying how the... do I do this. Well bring light to the situation, let whomever is bullying you know are not going to stay silent, and the next time it happens "I am going to let the principal know." Bullies will bully as long as you stay in the dark.

I think people should be arrested for bullying because it will teach them a lesson why you should not bully.

Bullying is evil and I believe a reason for angry and insecure people who have issues with their lives and the way they look etc. I've been bullied, felt worthless, and believed what I've been told from bullies, but who are they ?? other imperfect humans who make others unhappy to feel better about themselves. Learn to love yourself and be your best friend. Remember, they are no better than you, no matter what they say.

I have been subject to bullying so many times that I have bruises and scars but the thing is I don't tell my mum. One day it got so out of control that my friends got involved and told my mum. Now my mum knows everything that happens in school.

I thank my friends for telling my mum because my school life is much better now the boys that I had trouble with have been excluded. I luv my friends. I will never forget them.

I have been beaten up with children cheering the children who were beating me up. I think that is appalling.

I have been bullied. They used to tease me. They just kept pushing at me. When I told my teachers, they did nothing. It hurts so bad. I hate it. I used to go home every night crying. Then I ended up changing schools. Now that high school is here, it's much better.

Bullies are everywhere. Why? They are not good human beings. They have to hurt others to feel good about themselves. It doesn't make sense to me. Why would someone want to put another person through misery or a painful situation? Why do they do this? And schools don't even do anything, sometimes they even blame the victim. Why is humanity like this?

Bullies are just people who want to get into fights to look cool.

I think all bullies should be sent to jail and have to stay there and get bullied by the other people there at the jail house.

I think bullies are wrong and what they do is totally inexcusable. There is a problem with the way we tend to ignore a problem.

A person's personality is shaped by their genes but also by their environment. Twins do not become the same person because they had different treatment and do not perceive the world the same way.

Bullies have problems and until we stop looking at them like inhuman monsters we'll never solve the problem. I am not excusing bullies and you can go ahead and think I'm a bully but that doesn't make me one and it definitely does make what I'm saying any less true.

Hi - I was bullied for many many years and it affected my health for 10 years. I was bullied because I am "different" and not controlled by peer pressure. It was mostly verbal bullying. I have decided to put together a programme to help kids that are bullied.

Please look at my site at www.adigc.com

A bully is a person with problems at home.

To begin with, once when I was at school (years ago before I left) I tried to stand up to the bullies, but it seemed to make it worse. I did it in the wrong way!

Bullying can affect children in different ways, many have to leave school and many become physically ill - with asthma attacks, outbreaks of eczema, mood changes and loss of appetite.

The most important thing to do if you're being bullied is to tell someone you trust. Don't bottle up your emotions. TELL SOMEONE - maybe your parents, guardian, an older friend, your GP or a sympathetic teacher. Talk to others as well.

Bullies are cowards. Bullying is evil and manipulative.

When I was in grade six, there was this really nice boy. He was always being picked on by everyone. I was house captain and pretty much a 'popular' one. I never directly said anything to him, but I also did nothing to stop it, and I could have because a lot of people respected me... I just never thought of that at the time. He would cry at school and get teased even more.

Three years on I realised that I was wrong and that I should have helped him, so the next time I saw him, I apologized and he forgave me! He still is the very nice boy he always has been and is respected by me always!!!

Bullies at my school are the popular kids who everyone is afraid of.

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Bullying incidents are very common. They can take place at any age, from childhood to adulthood. I think that bullying is a social problem. It is abuse of power. Everyone wants to be better than others. I think this is one reason why bullying exists.

When I was in elementary school, I had a classmate who was a bully. He was a bad person and abused his classmates. Sometimes I saw him hit my friends. It was terrible. I don't know why he did that. Bullies cause many problems in schools, so I hope that we find a way to stop them.

Well, one reason the students bully other students is because they want to demonstrate that they are strong. Another reason can be that they suffer at home.

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