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February 07, 2005


fight fight fight

I think bullies should really stop. its a waste of time of other people lives.

... bullies leave people alone and get a life.

Chloe and Kendra, I know this is December 2011 and all but I was bullied around that same time, 2010 of last year. Chloe I was bullied the exact same time you were last year and all I can say to you is I hope that you aren't bullied anymore. ..... I was 15 last year too. Now I am 16 and a sophomore and I went to a new school, ..... Besides from one incident, most of the people at ..... are nice to me and that is a PUBLIC SCHOOL! I am glad the bullying ended and everything but I still have some wounds to heal. Thanks Angela for saying that time heals wounds. You make me feel confident. Writing this down makes me feel happy that I can relate to people who were bullied as well as I was. I want to stop bullying and especially the bullies! I don't EVER WANT TO SEE my bullies ever again because seeing them makes me sad and feel bad. I think it will take years to heal that wound.

Raising teenage girls and dealing with bullying How to help our children deal with bullying and what we can try to do about it. Also how sooo many celebrities support those kids out there that are desperate and seem to feel that they are all alone .

I have 1 son in High School and 2 girls in Middle School. I have had more problems with the girls in Middle School being horrible. These girls can be vicious. It's absolutely ridiculous. These kids need to be dealt with. Punishing the victim only adds more self-esteem problems. Didn't the poor kid suffer enough by being picked on in the first place!Teen suicide has increased so much, and bullying can be a very big factor. We have had 2 in the last month in our little town. It's awful. Stop Bullying NOW!!! Parents teach your kids to be nice!

You guys have a great staff here if they can update your wetsibe constantly with great articles! One is better than the other! Great work!

I think that bullying, especially in schools, is one of the biggest issues of this generation. I do not believe in *forcing* children to stand up to the bully or just deal with it. I always froze up when confronted by other children in threatening situations. My mother could tell me to fight back, punch her, don’t take that from her, whatever, but I just couldn’t do it. And it made me feel even more badly because then my mom got angry with me for not sticking up for myself. Bullying should never happen. If adults would supervise children appropriately then this would never happen. I am with my children almost 24/7 and I will be until I know that they are mature enough and prepared enough to handle just these situations on their own. If someone is mean to my child, or my child is mean to another (yes my children can be mean too and will abuse power over younger/smaller children if given the opportunity, they are not saints) I am there to stop it and ensure that it does not continue to become a habit which turns into bullying. I do not agree with forcing a child, who is being bullied and cries because they do not want to go to school and be tormented every day, to go and tough it out. If the child’s schools can’t or won’t deal with the situation and ensure that your child feels safe and secure and free from harassment then it is the parent’s job to do that. Get your child out of that situation. Get your child out of that school. We have options and our first priority must be the protection of our children.

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